Gateway Support Centre London

At Computer Service London, our engineers offer a wide variety of services to support your home technology and business needs. Whether it is setting up a new Gateway laptop computer, a wireless network, or protecting your Gateway computer from dangerous spyware and viruses, Gateway PC Health Checks, Tunes-ups and Preventative Maintenance – we are here for you.

We offer free Gateway pc diagnostics, free estimate and troubleshooting for all Gateway Laptop computer equipments in-shop.

What we do Sales and Repair of:

  • Gateway Laptop AC Jack and Adapters
  • Gateway Laptop Batteries and Connection
  • Gateway Laptop Battery Backup
  • Gateway Laptop DC Power Adapters
  • Gateway Laptop Drives CD, DVD and RW
  • Gateway Laptop External Drives CD and DVD
  • Gateway Laptop Fans
  • Gateway Laptop Fire wire and USB Cards
  • Gateway Laptop Floppy Drives
  • Gateway Laptop Hard drives internal and external
  • Gateway Laptop Inverters
  • Gateway Laptop Keyboards
  • Gateway Laptop LCD Screens
  • Gateway Laptop Memory
  • Gateway Laptop Motherboards
  • Gateway Laptop Network Interface (NIC)
  • Gateway Laptop Power Cords
  • Gateway Laptop Processors (CPUs)

Gateway Hardware Support:
We troubleshoot, diagnose and repair all Gateway laptop computer components in store and on site. We service and replace Gateway laptop screen, keyboard, power jack connector, lead, charger port, mouse pad, palmrest, mouse pad, casing, bezel, inverter board, backlight, Gateway motherboard and covers. All services are done with genuine Gateway parts.

Gateway Software Support & Installation:
We can return your Gateway machine back to factory settings as was shipped by Gateway. Sometimes it is nice to just wipe the slate clean and start over from scratch; including a one year free anti virus.

Gateway Laptop Upgrades:
If your Gateway laptop computer is feeling a little sluggish or your hard drive filling up fast – we can upgrade your Gateway laptop to help it run faster and perform better including higher memory capacity, faster hard drive, better CPU or processor, etc. Computer Service London can breathe new life into your Gateway computer with some well placed upgrades!

Gateway Laptop Computer Set-up:
If you just purchased your new Gateway machine, we can help setup computer system, Connect and configure Gateway accessories – printer, scanner, cameras and external drives. And we will install anti virus, anti-spyware, software updates, verify internet connectivity and configure your computer for optimal performance.

Gateway Green Product Provider:
We provide a safe way to dispose your old Gateway laptops and parts so there is no harm to our planet. Bring us your old Gateway computer parts and we expose them for FREE.

We are serving both home users and small to medium size businesses in London, Greater London and nationwide.
Please contact us for information on our hourly rates, fixed rates and maintenance contracts.