Virus & Spy Ware Removal London

If you detect or suspect a virus on your computer, please contact us immediately! We are experts at properly removing viruses, patching up the damage and safely protecting your files in the future. We scan and remove all viruses including Viruses, Worms, Malware, Hoaxes, Trojans and Malicious Active Content Infection.

Is your computer not running right?

  • Your system frequently shuts down spontaneously, even if you don’t use it
  • Your internet connection slows to a crawl even while you are not doing anything significant
  • Your Virus scanner crashes and can not be started again
  • You are no longer able to visit Anti Virus sites
  • Your hard disk fills up and you can’t find the files that use up all the disk space
  • Your system all for sudden attempts to connect
  • Your mail server is extremely busy processing outbound mail
  • Nightly incremental backups are all for sudden much larger then usual
  • New user accounts show up and nobody knows who added them
  • A given server (web/ftp/mail) keeps crashing for no apparent reason

It is free to find out why your computer has problems; no waiting for a engineer to arrive and no credit card needed for free pc diagnostics.

Please contact us for information on our hourly rates, fixed rates and maintenance contracts.